Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have never been so happy to be moving... most of us dread moving as it means packing and unpacking.
The fun thing about moving is that you get to pick what you want to bring along to the next spot,what will fit and wont. It is hard to go through the massive flotsam that one has accrued through the time at one place,which is amazing considering I haven't bought that much stuff!
The reason I cannot wait to move is that we have been living at my mother in law's home for a year now to help out with her mortgage and since the bank has yet to sign a modification for her loan,we just can't wait any longer..... and seriously, I need to have a kitchen that is mine and mine alone. It is exhausting and somewhat bothersome to constantly worry if your coffee pot is on the right counter and did one take up too much space in the fridge... and there is the fact that her family likes to come over and eat everything in sight. Now mind you, I have no problems feeding the masses but come on now... every week? Uh no no and NO.
We are going to have a whole place to ourselves!! My husband says yay to the fact that if he forgets to bring a robe to the shower, he can stroll to the bedroom free and breezy!! haha.
Now, off to find boxes to pack!

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