Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 and the new era of chrisland

So it has been a year and more since I last posted,since nobody reads this blog, it is more like a personal journal that I only read. I do not mind really all that much as it is just a forum for me to look back at later to see what was going on or what I was randomly thinking.
First off, the apartment was okay to live in. After painting and going through midterms, to finals to finishing my fall semester. I have another year to go and then I will have accomplished a degree. That is amazing to me as I never finish anything, I guess one might say I have ADD as I tend to go off on tangents alot. :)
We moved after living in the house over the garage for a year and a few months, to go and buy a house! We are now in the middle of painting and remodeling so this blog will go unattended for quite some time. But, then it doesnt matter as I am the only one who comes here... my safe place on the web.
I plan on going back to school in the fall.... cross ones fingers that school will still be available!

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